With lot of buzz around Startup and their great success stories, we happen to miss where all that starts from: Company Registration.
This Infographic guide has everything you need to know about registering a Company in India (step-by-step).

#1What is Company Registration?

Company registration means legally getting the right to do business. In India, registration of company is also known as formation of business or incorporation of company.

Let us see what is this Company thing all about and then move on to Company Registration.

#2What is a Company?

A business organization that makes, buys, or sells goods or services in exchange for money is known as a Company.

In simple words, company is a mode of doing business.
Your business setup need to be well thought of and the most important is to decide which form of business structure or vehicle to adopt. Choice of vehicle will help you to achieve most of your entrepreneurial dreams.
Mostly, it depends on what is your expansion plans, future team size, funding requirements and business vision.
Folks, we are listing few of the most popular business vehicles, sitting on which you may ride or fly. All depends on your choice.

#4What Company options are available for Registration in India?

Before jumping on to choosing your option, we need to know two important words Legal Entity and Non Legal Entity. These two terms will help you to lay your hands on the right vehicle.
Entity means a body, a legal entity means legal body, as we humans are natural body created by nature, few company structures are created by law giving them a special status of legal entity. Structures like Pvt. Ltd.OPCLLPSection 8 NGO are corporate entities and enjoy a special treatment and protection in law.
With this, let’s dive into different types of business vehicles to operate business in India.

Reasons Why you must Register your Company?

Let’s see how does company formats like Private limited and LLP put you at an advantageous position.
It protects you from personal liability for business risks and losses
Makes you look serious and attracts more customers
Creates better image and credibility in the market
Easier to get bank credit and investment from investors
Creates faith in employees and easy to attract talented manpower
It is very convenient to exit or sell the business, due to less documentation and cost

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