IRCTC Website Down: How to Book Train Tickets on Amazon and MakeMyTrip


In recent times, technology has become an integral part of our lives, simplifying numerous tasks, including booking train tickets. The Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) website has been a popular platform for millions of travelers to book train tickets conveniently. However, as with any online service, technical glitches can sometimes cause temporary disruptions. When the IRCTC website experiences downtime, it can be frustrating for travelers who urgently need to book train tickets. Fortunately, there are alternative platforms like Amazon and MakeMyTrip that offer the convenience of booking train tickets when the IRCTC website is down. In this blog, we will explore how to use these platforms to book train tickets seamlessly during such instances.

  1. The Importance of Train Ticket Booking Services:

Train travel is a preferred mode of transportation for millions of people in India due to its affordability, convenience, and wide-reaching network. Online train ticket booking services have revolutionized the way people plan their journeys, eliminating the need to stand in long queues at railway stations. The IRCTC website has played a significant role in making ticket booking accessible to everyone, but technical glitches can sometimes hinder the process.

  1. IRCTC Website Downtime and Challenges:

Despite technological advancements, any online platform can experience downtime due to server issues, maintenance, or unforeseen technical problems. When the IRCTC website is down, it can lead to inconvenience for travelers, especially during peak travel seasons. Users may face difficulty in checking seat availability, booking tickets, or even canceling existing reservations.

  1. Booking Train Tickets on Amazon:

Amazon, a renowned e-commerce giant, has expanded its services to include ticket booking, making it a viable alternative during IRCTC website downtime. Here’s how you can book train tickets on Amazon:

a. Visit the Amazon website or open the Amazon app on your mobile device.
b. Navigate to the “Travel and Tickets” section or search for “Train Tickets.”
c. Enter your departure station, destination, travel date, and other relevant details.
d. Browse through the available train options and select the one that suits your schedule.
e. Provide passenger details and proceed to payment.
f. Choose from various payment options and complete the booking process.

  1. Benefits of Booking Train Tickets on Amazon:

Using Amazon for train ticket booking offers several advantages:

a. Familiar User Interface: Many people are already familiar with Amazon’s website or app, making the ticket booking process more accessible and user-friendly.
b. Reliable Payment Options: Amazon provides secure payment gateways, ensuring a safe and hassle-free transaction.
c. Cashback Offers: Amazon frequently offers cashback and discounts on train ticket bookings, providing additional savings to travelers.

  1. Booking Train Tickets on MakeMyTrip:

MakeMyTrip, a leading online travel aggregator, also offers train ticket booking services, providing an alternative option during IRCTC website downtime. Follow these steps to book train tickets on MakeMyTrip:

a. Visit the MakeMyTrip website or launch the MakeMyTrip app on your smartphone.
b. Click on the “Trains” tab or use the search bar to find train ticket options.
c. Enter your travel details, including the origin, destination, and travel date.
d. View the available trains along with their respective seat availability and fares.
e. Select the preferred train and class, and then enter passenger information.
f. Proceed to the payment page and choose a suitable payment method to complete the booking.

  1. Advantages of Booking Train Tickets on MakeMyTrip:

MakeMyTrip’s train ticket booking service offers several benefits:

a. Multiple Travel Options: MakeMyTrip provides a wide range of train options, allowing travelers to choose the one that best fits their schedule and budget.
b. Customer Support: MakeMyTrip has a dedicated customer support team that can assist with any booking-related queries or issues.
c. Additional Services: Apart from train ticket booking, MakeMyTrip offers various other travel-related services, such as hotel reservations, holiday packages, and cab bookings.

  1. Comparison and Conclusion:

While the IRCTC website remains the primary platform for train ticket booking, alternative services like Amazon and MakeMyTrip have proven to be reliable substitutes during its downtime. Both platforms offer easy-to-use interfaces, secure payment options, and additional benefits such as cashback offers and customer support.

In conclusion, having multiple platforms to book train tickets adds flexibility and convenience for travelers. Whether the IRCTC website is temporarily down or not, options like Amazon and MakeMyTrip provide seamless alternatives for booking train tickets, ensuring that your travel plans remain undisturbed. Always stay informed about different booking options to have a stress-free and enjoyable journey.

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