One-Punch Man Season 3 Won’t Be Made by Its Manga Artist’s Studio

One-Punch Man’s second season ended in 2020, leaving fans waiting for four years to see what the anime future holds for Saitama and his fellow crime fighters. While a third season has been confirmed, little news has been released regarding the Hero For Fun’s return ever since the announcement was made. While rumors have been swirling regarding which anime studio will take the reins for season three, Yusuke Murata has shot down rumors that his anime studio would be tackling Saitama’s continued fight against the Monster Association.

One-Punch Man’s anime adaptation was handled by two anime studios, with the first being animated by Studio Madhouse and the second handled by JC Staff. Despite the anime taking a significant hiatus, the manga has continued and moved past the fight against the Monster Association. When it comes to the last time we saw Saitama in his titular anime series, he had defeated a major member of the Monster Association but may have helped to spawn a bigger threat. The hero killer Garou has been searching for new heights of power and decided to join up with the monsters, being flown to their headquarters in one of the last moments of season two.

Is OPM season 3 confirmed?

As of October 2023, no official release date has been announced. Fans speculate a return in early to mid-2024, with potential updates at Tokyo’s Jump Festa 2024 in December 2023

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